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The High Standard Collectors' Association (not directly affiliated with High Standard Manufacturing Company) was founded in 1991 to promote friendship among those interested in the collection, possession, and use of High Standard firearms, accessories, and memorabilia. The HSCA is the only organization founded to promote the collection and study of High Standard firearms. High Standard has an illustrious history dating back to the years of the Great Depression and shows how one man, a Swedish immigrant named Carl Swebilius, could begin sweeping floors at Marlin Firearms and end the extremely wealthy owner of his own company by the end of World War II.

The membership of the High Standard Collectors' Association is composed of a highly diverse group of collectors which possess a wealth of information and freely share it. Members receive a confidential directory of members which include their collecting interests and areas of expertise. Members also have access to a private section of the web site to exchange information.

The High Standard Collectors' Association has members who collect and study all High Standard products from the earliest .22 pistols to revolvers, centerfire rifles, rimfire rifles, and shotguns. High Standard made many of these lines in their factory in Hamden, CT but also sold branded products made for them by vendors both in this country and abroad. Later the plant in Hamden was sold and the company operated for a time in East Hartford before closing with an orderly liquidation. Today a successor company operates in Houston, TX.

The High Standard Collectors' Association publishes a newsletter four times a year that contains articles, question and answer information, and classified ads. Members may place ads without charge. We also publish pieces from old High Standard literature. We hold an annual meeting at a large gun show each year. Previous annual meetings have been held in Cleveland, Ohio; Houston, Texas; Tulsa, Oklahoma; Kansas City, Missouri; and Louisville, Kentucky. The association has displays at the National Rifle Association annual meetings.

Dues are $25.00 per year. Those joining before October 1 of a given year will get all the newsletters from that year and be a member for that year. Those joining after October 1 will be a member for the coming year. If you're interested in joining us, click
here for an application.

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